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  1. Hi I am of Temne descent however my step grandfather was Krio my paternal grandfather was Liberian, Setra Kru but raised in Sierra Leone. I am interested in sending clothes/footwear/toiletries/shool supplies/tinned & dried foods to Sierra Leone preferably Freetown and its surroundings and would like some advice on where exactly to send them,e.g. direct to a local school? Any feedback would be appreciated I wish for the goods I collect to go directly to the people.

    1. Hi Nasra
      Thank you for your post. It is commendable that you are planning to send these items to Sierra Leone, and I quite understand that you would want to ensure that they are distributed to those affected by the tragedy. KDU London, as part of a KDU Global initiative, recently sent a consignment of clothes and other non-perishable items. It was received by a KDU representative in Freetown and delivered to the Headwoman of Regent village for distribution to the surviving victims. All I can suggest at this stage is that I obtain the name and contact details of the Headwoman for you to liaise directly with her.

      I shall be in touch with you soon with this information.

      Sandra Floode
      KDU London

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