Elections 2018

This message serves as Notice for our AGM ON Saturday 24 November at Walworth Methodist Church at 2pm. Please send your nominations and seconders to the Eletoral Officer (EO)Khadi Johnson-Cole by email at:
at If you are not able to access the internet/email please phone 07943068391.
A list of fully paid up members (names only) will be sent to the EO, to verify the eligibility of members to vote. I will send a reminder 14 days (the prerequisite period) before the vote.Those who consent to be nominated and who are subsequently elected will become Trustees. The positions for election are:
  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Assistant Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Assistant Treasurer
  7. Organising Secretary
  8. Assistant Organising Secretary
  9. Heritage Secretary
  10. Assistant Heritage Secretary
  11. Welfare and Pastoral Officer
  12. Assistant Welfare and Pastoral Officer
  13. IT&E Communications Officer
  14. Internal Auditor
Since the above notice there has been other developments that I will pu tin the forum after this email. The cut-off date for nominations will be Saturday 17 November. There are no postal or proxy voting.
I will however make a proposal to the executive for consideration, for another arrangement for members to cast their votes if they are not able to be at the meeting.
It is possible that some members may not get this email because I do not have the comprehensive list of members and the secretary is away, but I think I have most of it. However, please forward to members who are new.
I would like to reiterate as I id on the forum, that the process is open and transparent. The EO will publish the names of those who are nominated and also seconders as and when she receives nominations. All who have paid their subscriptions up to and including end of November will be entitled to vote. Those who have accepted nominations, the members making the nominations and seconders will be cross referenced against the fully paid up membership list to determine eligibility to vote.
If you have any questions, points of clarification, please let me know.
Warm regards